Vipor Neoprene Gabelschutz

Neoprene Seal Savers


The ultimate in Fork Protection.Easy to fit – Very Durable – Increases Fork Seal Life by up to 5x – Available in 2 lengths – Suitable for USD & Conventional Forks

Pyramid Product Code         Length (mm)         Fork Diameters           Shop Link
N1 145 mm 35mm to 40mm                    Kaufen
N2 355 mm 35mm to 40mm                    Kaufen
N3 145 mm 41mm to 50mm                    Kaufen
N4 355 mm 41mm to 50 mm                   Kaufen 

Cross Reference Liste Bremsen

Pyramid Parts





PP18 DP600 FDB108/148 506 VD-907
PP30 DP101 FDB182 VD112/3
PP34 DP401 FDB177R 507 VD205-212
PP36 DP203 FDB151R 512 VD306
PP47 DP601 FDB207/R  /FDB705 519 VD911
PP51 DP205 FDB218 532 VD-912
PP54 DP107 FDB250 536 VD120/333
PP55 DP200/201 503 VD301/302/303/304/401/402
PP63 DP207 FDB338/R 556 VD-327
PP65 DP206 FDB217 534 VD-324
PP67 DP310 FDB314 586/546 VD-325
PP68 DP308/309 FDB298/R 539/540 VD-420/421
PP69 DP104/105 FDB244/R 542/572 VD-123/132
PP70 DP402 FDB277 547 VD-228
PP81 DP403 FDB311 550 VD-235
PP83 DP312 FDB313 544 VD-339/342/442
PP84 DP811 FDB381 592 VD-128
PP85 DP311 FDB339/R 557 VD-424/426
PP86 DP111 FDB312 551 VD-131
PP88 DP404 FDB337/R 555 VD-236
PP92 DP812/114 FDB382 558 VD-134/136
PP95 DP614 FR 408 566 VD-945
PP101 DP406 FDB383 575/619 VD-239
PP103 DP210 FDB389/R 577 VD-330/331/338
PP104 DP407 FDB386/R 570 VD-240
PP115 DP607 FRP405 559 VD-254/925
PP121 DP110 FDB462 593 VD-141/142
PP123 DP409 FDB662 590 VD-242/242/2
PP124 DP109/116 FDB452R/663 600 VD-143/143/2
PP125 DP184 FDB495 603 VD-139
PP129 DP314 FDB481/R 597 VD-427
PP130 DP313 FDB494 602 VD-126
PP131 DP815/621 FDB539 604 VD-144
PP132 DP606 FDB561 621 VD-936
PP135 DP411 FDB497 611 VD-340
PP140 DP115 FDB531 614 VD-147
PP141 DP204 FDB508 615 VD-430
PP142 DP117 FDB570 627 VD-156
PP143 DP113 FDB496 623 VD-139/2
PP145 DP213 FDB557 624 VD343
PP146 DP212 FDB569 620 VD-345/2
PP152 DP315 FDB659 632/648 VD-432/2
PP158 DP317 FDB574 631 VD-343/344
PP160 DP410 FDB666 645 VD-251
PP161 DP318 FDB338 556 VD-416
PP165 DP412 FDB631 638 VD-250
PP174 DP121 FDB754 670 VD-162
PP181 DP617 FDB2018 671 VD-947
PP185 DP321 FDB892 694 VD-161
PP187 DP112 FDB858 622 VD-154
PP188 DP216 FDB873  FDB2144 686 VD-349
PP192 DP320 FDB2012R 687 VD-434
PP193 DP633 DP680 725/697/667/771 VD948
PP196 DP118 FDB664 700 VD-156/2/3
PP197 DP129 FDB2087 638
PP199 DP421 FDB2003 691 VD-260
PP208 DP622 FDB2019 675 VD-953
PP229 DP322 FDB2048 705 VD-435
PP231 DP323 FDB2049 704 VD-352
PP244 DP630 FDB2042 706/727
PP252 DP418 FDB605 634 VD-249
PP283 DP219 FDB2085 740 VD353
PP296 DP127 FDB2079 734 VD166
PP351 FDB2127 803
PP369 DP942 FDB2164  FDB2203 788 VD354